Whether the unique handle-less from Kesseler or the modern and traditional from Finch

you are guaranteed the best quality, designed in Sheffield and made here in the U.K.

With a  service tailored to suit you, covering every aspect

of your kitchen from the design & installation of the furniture & appliances

to the most involved of projects our small Sheffield design studio offers you the best possible solution.

A total service covering every aspect of your kitchen project.

Managed from concept to completion.

Taking the stress out of any project.

You can never regret investing in quality.

“It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“When you are working with quality you don’t have to make excuses up as to why a thing is not as it should be.”

Finch kitchens interiors

Finch Fundamentals

Finch is a family business and as such we value honesty and integrity above all else, and that is how we respond to our customers in delivering the very best we can.

It is a fundamental principal at Finch that everything we do is underpinned by quality; the service we offer, the workmanship involved and the kitchens we install.

Any question of cost versus quality Is put to rest with the success Finch have in working with one of the UK’s best manufacturers ensuring a doubly high standard of kitchen and a very competitive price and eliminating any room for disappointment.


We only use the best materials, sustainably sourced. All our timber products are from FSC certified forests. Most importantly of all, our furniture is made to last , thus making it truly sustainable.

Finch For Quality, & why we are all responsible for our own choices.

“When you are working with quality you don’t have to make excuses up as to why a thing is not as it should be.”

Our price and quality combined would be very difficult to beat, as I am never knowingly undersold.

“Why should anyone have to suffer the consequence of poor quality?”


It is important to me that every kitchen we design and install at Finch is of total quality fulfilling your exact requirements, delivering you the kitchen you are expecting and much more.

The only way to achieve responsible sustainability is to ensure you are not going to replace what you are buying (investing in) far too early. We ensure our kitchens have longevity; and that the products you used are as environmentally friendly as possible.