Each commission for us is an invitation to create for you bespoke pieces of furniture that will come together to finally become your kitchen or adapt to any room within your home.

We love the classical aspect of this furniture, but are not bound to the style, by taking the classical nature of this furniture and giving it some subtle design blends and adaptations you redefine it into a fresh contemporary scene.

Place our furniture in any room and reflect the current themes that are already there or design it to completely suit your style in natural or painted or even with inlays.


Here you can watch the way we approach each job individually and with meticulous detail; listen to the passionate chatter that goes on with our workforce to achieve that perfect piece of furniture, its pride in our work

Simply contact me to make arrangements, as I am on site with the fitters most days I will make arrangements to meet up with you and if not Tim or Paul who run the workshop would be more than happy to show you how we work.

Highest Quality

Finch Hand Made is dedicated to making only the highest quality furniture available. Still using old school craftsmanship and with the love of natural timbers, together with today’s technology we can create a unique, bespoke solution for any room in your home. Many of our customers are still enjoying the lasting durability of our quality cabinet construction long after similar products have expired. Our products and services speak for themselves.